Doctor Samuel Gaillard has been offering outpatient medical services in private practice for several years. When in contact with colleagues, he is seeing an increasing need – to be able to work with medical files that are fully computerised.

He and associate Wladyslaw Iwanowski, himself also a doctor, have therefore been working on the development of “Mediway”, a new kind of medical file that incorporates functions such as diagnostic aids, the prescription of medicines and an invoicing system.

By applying their experience and practice to their software, the founders of Logival enable medical practitioners to computerise their systems to enable them to offer even better care to their patients.


Support of The Ark Foundation

At the end of 2006, the two entrepreneurs joined The Ark Incubator on the TechnoArk site at Sierre. Logival SA was created in June 2007. During the incubation period Logival was able to benefit from a coaching service tailored to its needs. The support essentially concerned financial planning, seeking finance and marketing the product. This enabled the company to accelerate the implementation of its commercial activities, targeting in particular French-speaking practitioners in Western Switzerland. The location on the TechnoArk technological park, at the heart of the Incubator space, enabled the company to exchange ideas and develop the managerial skills essential to starting up a company.

Logival left the Incubator in March 2009. It established its offices in the new TechnoArk extension at Sierre, from where it sells its computerised medical files and coordinates its four retailers who cover the whole of Western Switzerland. While consolidating its position in French-speaking Switzerland, Logival is actively preparing for growth and expansion into the German and Italian-speaking parts of the country.

Date founded: 2007
Director: Samuel Gaillard
Address: Technopôle 10, 3960 Sierre
Telephone: +41 27 398 12 12
Website: www.logival.ch
E-mail: gaillard [at] logival.ch
Number of employees: 6
Fondation The Ark - Rue de l'Industrie 23 - 1950 Sion - Suisse