The Valais, Switzerland’s leading centre of excellence for ICT

Aerial view of the Techno-Pôle of SIerre
Aerial view of the Techno-Pôle of SIerre

TechnoArk develops business opportunities related to information and communication technology, and particularly the Internet of things.

It supports businesses, projects and ideas, generating new business models through a more productive organisation of information technology. It promotes synergies between research organisations and businesses, which enable the development of innovative IT solutions.

TechnoArk is a leading information and communication technology (ICT) site based at the Techno-Pôle (www.technopole.ch), a business park set up in 1989 by a group of entrepreneurs from Sierre. With a particular focus on the Internet of things, TechnoArk now brings together an IT incubator and 3 research organisations, as well as specialist business development facilities.

TechnoArk is located at the Techno-Pôle, a unique business park for innovative companies that currently provides accommodation and services for over 40 businesses employing almost 500 people.

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